Membership Information


Established in 2003, the New Mexico Pet Sitters' Alliance (NMPSA) consists of dedicated professional pet sitters who provide high quality care for pets/animals in their safekeeping. Members agree to:

  • Conduct their businesses adhering to the NMPSA Code of Ethics (see below)
  • Participate in NMPSA activities whenever possible

As a member of NMPSA, you:

  • Are listed in NMPSA's online directory of pet sitters
  • Can take advantage of advertising opportunities
  • Receive advance notice to attend educational seminars
  • Can participate in field trips
  • Receive advance notice to enroll in pet/animal care-related classes
  • Receive email notifications of meetings, events, classes, services, etc.
  • Have access to industry resources and educational information
  • Can use the NMPSA logo in your print and website advertising

NMPSA regards ethical behavior and humane attitudes towards animals and people to be the backbone of the organization.

With this philosophy in mind, NMPSA has established the following  Code of Ethics.

As a member of NMPSA, I pledge to:

  • Accept responsibility for the well-being of animals entrusted to my care
  • Learn as much as possible about pet/animal care so I can provide skillful, compassionate service
  • Treat customers, employees, and colleagues with respect
  • Refrain from letting competitiveness overshadow integrity
  • Conduct business in an honest, professional manner
  • Operate business within federal, state, and local laws

Network meetings can include:

  • Speakers
  • Panel discussions
  • Business card exchanges
  • Printed handouts (e.g., liability insurance comparison chart, care tips for chinchillas, zoonotic diseases in cats and dogs, tax deductions)
  • Product samples (e.g., key rings, welcome home postcards, pet sympathy cards, thank you note cards)


Annual Membership Fee: $22

Meeting Fee: $10

Meeting fee can be paid at the door.

Fees go back into the Alliance and help to pay for website, printed handouts, speakers, product samples, etc.

*Membership and meeting fees are non-refundable.

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